Dynamo Muse

Versatile and Professional Event Coordination

Dynamo Muse Productions offers a wide range of services in regards to event coordination.  We can meet any need from securing entertainment & catering for a party, to organizing, booking, promoting, and maintaining an entire music series.  If you or your business could benefit from professional entertainment coordination, please CONTACT US and let us help you create an event to remember. 

"In the Triangle, we are fortunate to be around so many creative people. Still, it is sometimes rare to meet individuals whose creativity is accompanied by strong communication skills, professionalism, diplomacy, and a head for business. Nikki exemplifes all of these traits. 

She understands the concept of a win-win for both artists and for host venues, and it's always an absolute joy to work with her."

-Molly Matlock

Executive Director of Chatham County Arts Council